Benefit 1 — White labeling

White-label branding (or white labeling) is a manufacturing and marketing practice whereby a product or service produced by one company is then rebranded for another company.

We can change the design of the Polys app upon request, adapting it according to your wishes or following your brand guidelines to present it in your corporate colors.

Benefit 2 — Private blockchain

For your convenience – and for security purposes – Polys specialists will deploy a private blockchain on the servers of your IT infrastructure. The main advantage of a private blockchain is that the data is stored exclusively within your network and only you have access to it.

In addition, we will set up a decentralized recording of votes via the Inspector app —designated persons will control the voting process, add encrypted votes to the blockchain and monitor their security.

Benefit 3 — Additional functionality

If you need additional functions – SMS notifications sent to your voters, a chat feature inside the app, embedded broadcast of the election, etc. – we can offer a wide range of functionality to meet your requirements.

Our main aim is to make the organization of your poll/election as straightforward as possible. If this requires additional functions in the Polys app, we’re ready to help!

Benefit 4 — Flexible authorization

Custom integration with an authorization system is another option that we can offer. If your country or organization has its own user identification system, like BankID in Sweden or the national ID number in the Baltic states, Polys can use it to authorize voters.  Moreover, we can add a two-level user identification system by adding confirmation via mobile phone and/or email. Alternatively, we can work together to find the solution that’s best for you.   

Benefit 5 — Web integration

If you already have a site or application and you would like Polys voting system functionality to become part of your user interface, then this too is possible.

We are currently developing an API that can be used for integration with your own app. 

If you still have question or comments, feel free to get in touch. 


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