Polys differs on several basic points and has a number of advantages over Google Forms. 

1. Our solution is decentralized. We deploy a private blockchain on the client side, then representatives of the voters (for example, in a state election it may be representatives of different candidates + independent organizations) serve as miners and encryptors. They generate blocks with votes and encrypt the blockchain for anonymity. To hack an election, you would have to hack all the miners. 

2. Our blockchain is encrypted, so no preliminary results or info is available. 

3. Elections/Polls cannot be subjected to a DDoS attack. 

4. We can integrate our system with any state ID system and identify those eligible to vote. It’s not possible with Google Forms. 

5. With our system it’s possible to combine online and offline voting thanks to the Unique Codes feature. 

6. After voting is complete, the blockchain can be downloaded and passed on to anyone for examination to ensure the results are correct. 

7. Our solution can be white-labeled. 

8. We can develop features on demand. There are never two alike voting. Plus, of course, you cannot run serious elections on Google Forms — it’s just not respectable.

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