1. On the Polys Organizer Panel click New Vote.
  2. Enter the name of your vote in the Title field (90 characters max).
  3. Add a link to an image and click Done.
  4. Add a short description of your vote (600 characters max).
  5. Fill in the options (90 characters max); enter the names of candidates or other options. The maximum possible number of options is 99. For your convenience, you can copy a multiline list and it will be correctly pasted in the input fields.
  6. Add a description of the options: add a link to the image and a short description of your option (600 characters max) then click Done.
  7. Choose the voting method: 

   8. Specify the duration of your vote via the calendar below. Select the dates and times that voting will start and end.

  • You can start the vote right away without choosing a start date or time:
  • You can end the voting whenever you want without choosing an end date or time:

   9. Choose how voters will be given access. There are three ways: by email, using unique codes, and public vote.

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