1. New Vote — organize a new vote or election.
  2. Log In (Log Out) — launch a vote on behalf of the organizer and to access the history of votes.
  3. Duplicate — duplicate a vote template.
  4. Delete — remove a draft vote.

Location of votes in list

  1. Drafts of votes are top of the list.
  2. Active votes are located in the middle of the list and are marked with a pink dot.
  3. Completed votes are at the bottom of the list.

Logging in to Polys

  1. Enter your email address in the input field.
  2. Follow the link sent in the email from Polys.
  3. Save the 64-character password.

For security purposes, Polys uses passwords of 64 characters called Secret Keys.You can save your Secret Key and use it to re-enter the system multiple times or log in using your email and a new Secret Key every time you want to access Polys.

The system remembers you whenever you access it from the same device and browser, and there’s no need to log in. However, you can always 'Log out' or clear the cache of your browser.

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